The Center for Civic Participation offers training in citizen engagement and advocacy. We offer seminars, workshops, institutes and other programs customized to meet the needs of our users. The Center for Civic Participation provides high schools, colleges, and other organizations education, training, and curriculum development in order to help these institutions help their students and members find their voices and become more active and effective citizens. Citizen engagement, organizing and issue advocacy are what the Center for Civic Participation is all about; in a word, participation. We believe democracy is up to us, all of us.


Citizen Empowerment. Not Just Education

For CPP civic participation is about citizen engagement, and citizen enegagement is about citizen empowerment and inspiring citizens to not just consent to be governed, but to take an active role on our self-governance.

Our mission is to educate AND activate citizens so they are better equipped to take a place at the decision-making table at any level: local, state, national, or corporate.

Watch this short video of the summer institute in action.


“….our best hope for a sustainable future lays with young people…..The Center for Civic Particiption will play a pivot role energizing young minds to find the answers.”
Stan Rosenberg, Massachusetts State Senator and Senate Majority Leader
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